Parents are often inundated with gorgeous garments and terrific toys for their new arrival, and all of these are wholly appreciated. However, at a time of great change (and little sleep), sometimes a useful, considerate gift for mum and dad is even more welcome. Here we list the 7 best gift ideas for new parents – without offering to stay up late with baby!

by Stephanie ▪ 24 May, 2021

1. New Parents Hamper from Gourmade

We know first-hand that it’s not easy to juggle cooking (or even sitting down to eat!) with a newborn. With a delivery of Gourmade’s Bundle of Joy box, you’ll be giving the gift of elegant eatables without the stress. A variety of Gourmade’s most popular frozen ready meals will be delivered straight to their door – ready to heat whenever they like – and baby allows!

From comforting favourites like Chicken Korma and Beef Lasagne to glamorous French cuisine with Beef Bourguignon and Potato Dauphinoise, there’s something for all occasions. There’s even a veggie box too – our Butternut Squash Lasagne and Veggie Mac & Cheese are some of our all-time favourites. All parents need and deserve a treat, too, so we’ve not forgotten the puds – our Chocolate Sponge Puddings and Raspberry Cheesecakes will put a smile on the most tired mama’s face.
The New Parent Hamper includes eight main meals, two sides and two desserts. We also include a ‘congratulations’ card, on which we’ll handwrite a message on your behalf! There are two single portions of each main meal, instead of our double meal option, because in the first few weeks it can be very challenging for new parents to sit down to eat together. Here they have the flexibility to ‘tag-team’ at dinnertime in case baby’s demands mean someone is always on duty.

2. Everlasting hot drinks

If you’re a parent then you’ll know that, once your baby arrives, at least 80% of all cups of tea or coffee go cold before getting drunk. If you’re looking for a more extravagant gift to treat some special parents, then the Ember is a fantastic practical ‘lifesaver’.

The Ember is the world’s first temperature control mug. It’ll set you back around £100-£120 depending on the model you opt for. The Ember Mug² not only keeps new parents’ essential energy-boosting coffee hot, but uses smart technology to allow the setting of an exact drinking temperature. Depending on the cup volume, the Ember then maintains the chosen temperature for approximately 1.5 hours. A coffee that is never too hot or too cold could well be the lifeline a new parent needs!

3. Chic water bottle

Another practical choice is the gift of hydration… but with style of course!

We love this frank green ceramic reusable water bottle. Not only does it look beautiful, but it maintains the temperature and taste of your chosen drink – there’s no hint of metallic flavour here. Made from 304-grade stainless steel, it’s triple-walled and vacuum insulated with a ceramic lining, so you can be confident it won’t leak (in a new parent’s changing bag, this could be catastrophic!).
We’re particularly charmed by customisation choices available. You can mix and match the colours with ease, and with a fab selection of trend-worthy shades there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.

4. The illusion of beauty sleep …

Sleepless nights go hand in hand with newborns, and short of offering to stay up with baby you can give the gift of sleepless night recovery in the form of depuffing eye patches.

The Pixi skincare brand has developed quite a following over recent years, even attracting the support and collaboration of skincare expert Caroline Hirons. Pixi’s oh-so-cleverly named DetoxifEYE Depuffing Eye Patches are just the ticket to soothe and depuff the tired eyes of both mum and dad.

5. Dreamy scented candles

Now for some much-needed TLC. Scented candles are the perfect ‘new parent’ gift for those who need to find time to relax.

NEOM makes gorgeously packaged organic candles. Our fave (and top gift pick for new parents!) is the ‘Complete Bliss’  scent, part of their Calm & Relax Range. This candle has been specially formulated with an all-natural fragrance, which not only smells delightful but can also help new parents unwind and bring a feeling of calm. While perhaps nothing can bring tranquillity to a newborn’s colic episode, this will help new parents recover once the storm has passed.
The Complete Bliss fragrance is a blend of 17 of the purest possible essential oils, including Moroccan blush rose, lime and black pepper. It is also available across their range, in products such as reed diffusers, essential oils and hand & body lotions.

6. Bye bye to baby brain

Every good gift list has to have a wildcard. Ours is the gift of brain-space – and a solution to ‘baby brain’, courtesy of tracking tiles.

Tile is a fantastic way to help new parents not sweat the small stuff. Mums, especially, could well be experiencing the phenomenon known as ‘baby brain’, which can last a whopping two years or more. With Tile, new parents will be able to locate any misplaced items easily. By simply attaching the ‘Tile Mate’ directly to everyday items (keys, bags or even baby’s favourite teddy!) they can keep track of all the essentials, making the scramble to leave the house with a newborn just a smidgen less stressful!

7. No-hands entertainment

Give the gift of reading to those who have little time to fit reading into their lives with a subscription service.

Curling up with a good book might be wishful thinking for new parents, but with the advent of audiobooks and services like Audible it’s possible for new parents to achieve escapism or build their knowledge whilst multitasking as a new mum or dad.
Audible offers gift packages of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months’ duration, and parents can keep any books or podcasts downloaded with credits during that time, regardless of whether they choose to keep subscribing.
Ready to congratulate new parents, or prepping for a new arrival yourself?
Discover the delicious frozen ready meals, sides and desserts that are included within the Gourmade’s Bundle of Joy hamper here.