by Stephanie ▪ 08 Sept, 2021

At Gourmade, our motto is “live more, cook less” and that doesn’t ring more true than during the Summer months. It’s all well and good tucking into a delicious dinner in the garden, but if you’ve spent those golden hours of sunshine slaving away in the kitchen, then something isn’t right! Here’s some ideas for 8 things to do before Summer ends… Can you guess what our first tip will be?

1. Stock up on some frozen ready meals

Now we may be biased, but this really is a great tip for the Summer. In the UK, we aren’t always blessed with an abundance of sunny days, but when we are, it’s nice to spend every second we can soaking it up. So with a freezer stocked with tasty dinners that can cook in a matter of minutes, you don’t need to worry about missing any precious time outside in the sun, but you can still have a hearty beef bourguignon for supper!

2. Seek the sunset

We may not be able to control the weather, but the one thing you can bank on is a sunset being incredible. Use a tool like this one to plan ahead – and embrace the chilliness, grab a blanket, a flask of hot chocolate – or keep warm by bringing our Mac n Cheese to help savour the moment.

3. Look back and make a scrapbook

If you’re not in the habit of making a scrapbook (or fancy photo album) the time is now. Don’t let precious memories be buried in the digital depths of Facebook and beyond. Trust us, your future self will thank you. This is a lovely activity for both adults and children! Gather together photographs, tickets, wrappers, etc. a nice book, and some fancy washi tape if you’re feeling creative.

4. Arrange a treasure hunt

Nearing the end of Summer your energy levels may be lower than they were when the season kicked off, but don’t hide yourself away indoors yet! There’s lots of fun still to be had outside and creating a treasure hunt around your local area is a fun thing to do for the whole family! Check out treasure-hunt-ideas.co.uk for tips, puzzles and codes you could use for your hunt, or make up your own rules!

5. Wash the car

OK, so this is a dull grown up one. But giving your car a deep clean whilst the weather is still mild enough to bear it – is the epitome of the British Sunday afternoon – follow it up with our Cottage Pie, if the last thing you’ll want to do is spend more energy on mashing up the spuds.

6. Bike

Something the whole family can enjoy, hire or take your bikes to a scenic route and take in the sights, whilst getting everyone off their devices for the day. If you’re down the south of England we thoroughly recommend giving the cycle experience in the New Forest a visit.

7. Eat alfresco

Take the moment, and dine alfresco. Even just for a light lunch, the fresh air (even if it’s not so Sunny) can lift your mood, and once Autumn arrives you’re less and less likely to perch on the patio. Even better, invite friends, family and neighbours round whilst you still can – we’ve got some fantastic elegant outdoor entertaining ideas for you to try on this blog.

8. Pack a luxuriously sweet picnic

OK, so we’re foodies – so it’s no shocker that our last must-do before Summer ends is yet another food-based activity – have a picnic… with a twist. Enjoy the last days of Summer by indulging in a delightful smorgasbord of desserts. Our Raspberry, Chocolate, Lemon and Salted Caramel Roulades for example simply defrost – so are perfect to pack for a picnic at the end of a hike up a scenic hill.

Now the countdown is on for the end of Summer, what will top your list this week to try? Share your ideas and inspiration with us on social media – you can find us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.