Indulge your sweet tooth

by Sarah ▪ 8 APR, 2021

Time to celebrate

Easter is a holiday that many children (and a fair few adults!) associate primarily with chocolate, and there’s no denying the fun of baking treat-filled chocolate birds’ nests with the kids, or watching them hunt for eggs hidden in the garden. Coinciding as it does with the budding of spring flowers, longer, sunnier days and trees awash with blossom, the Easter holidays seem brimful of celebration, renewal and hope.

This year especially, perhaps, spring – and the Easter holidays – feel particularly joyful and important. Whether you’re alone, in digs with friends, coupled up or part of a madcap family full of sugar-monsters, a little merrymaking surely can’t go amiss. And what easier and more satisfying way is there to indulge oneself than with a delectable dessert?

Sweet talk

We’re fairly certain you’ll have chocolate covered – you may even be craving something other than Easter eggs before long. At Gourmade we pride ourselves on our fantastic range of desserts to satisfy even the sweetest of sweet teeth, whatever the occasion.
Here we’ll be sharing some of our non-chocolate desserts, along with serving suggestions, to keep everyone sweet.

Classic confections

For many, a traditional pudding is the pièce de résistance of an elegant Easter meal. These desserts are all Gourmade twists on time-honoured British desserts (and all require heating through, except the crumble if you prefer it chilled).


Try one of Gourmade’s firm favourites, the fabulous Pear Bakewell Tart. The sweet, nutty frangipane filling and juicy, jam-nestled pear in a buttery pastry case is a classic combo of flavours. Serve alongside a scoop of clotted cream ice cream sprinkled with a dusting of cinnamon – and for real flair, toast some flaked almonds for 4 minutes in a hot oven on a baking sheet and scatter over the tart. For a celebratory accompanying tipple, try a Kir Royale – just add a tablespoon of crème de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) to the bottom of a champagne flute and top with dry sparkling white wine, and garnish with a frozen blackberry. For kids, try blackcurrant squash and soda water instead.

Rhubarb and Strawberry Crumble
If nuts aren’t your thing, then crumble just might be! Our version uses two delightful British favourites -strawberry and rhubarb, giving the filling a wonderfully rich red hue, and blending the best of sweet and sharp. This dessert is also a chameleon, and can change character to suit the weather depending on how it’s served. For a sunny spring day, try serving with honey- or apple-flavoured ice cream, or a generous drizzle of fresh cream and warm honey, and a few fresh blackberries for garnish. You could also pour a glass of homemade fresh mint and ginger lemonade.
If the weather is still leaving you in need of a big woolly jumper, warm the crumble through and serve with a some comforting custard – either in the conventional vanilla or – if you’re feeling adventurous (or nostalgic for 80s style school dinners!) infused with raspberry coulis. A dessert wine will complement the crumble when served in this way.
Sticky Toffee Pudding
No list of traditional puds could be complete without sticky toffee pudding – although it’s actually a relatively recent addition to the British dessert hall of fame, having been invented in the 1970s by Francis Coulson. If you are a nut lover, try topping with some pecans or walnuts. Then, depending on whether you prefer a hint of sharpness, crave creaminess or just want to double down on the sweet, ginger, clotted cream and toffee are all good ice cream choices. Drinks wise, fortified wines and whiskey liqueurs are the best match for sticky toffee pudding – but, surprisingly, beer complements it well, too.

Fresh and fruity

For lighter desserts with a hint of summer, look no further than these easy Gourmade sweets, which are ready to serve as soon as defrosted.

Lemon Tart
Oh! The zesty zing of lemon on a spring afternoon – there’s nothing quite like it! Gourmade’s Lemon Tarts are a real treat, and look beautiful served simply with a dusting of icing sugar and a garnish of strawberries. However, if you’re feeling fancy, why not try serving strawberries on the side – with a daring black pepper, basil and balsamic twist. Gastronomes swear by this odd-sounding combination, which makes the perfect accompaniment for a citrussy centrepiece.
Try this simple recipe or, alternatively, a warm version which grills the ingredients. Strange? Maybe. Delicious? Definitely!
If you enjoy playing the mixologist, you could even whip up a mocktail on the same theme, that kids and adults can enjoy alike.
Raspberry Cheesecake
Everyone loves a cheesecake, and Gourmade’s version, infused with vanilla and filled with whole raspberries, is a real knockout. Try serving with fresh raspberries and a lemon, blackberry or raspberry sorbet, all drizzled with a generous splash of raspberry coulis. Belgian fruit beers make a great accompaniment.
For a kids’ treat, top the cheesecakes with whipped or squirty cream and finish with crumbled meringue pieces and mini marshmallows. Just remember to allow several hours before any naps or bedtime …!
Party time
If you have several people to feed, a delicious and easy dessert option is one of Gourmade’s roulades. They’re delicious even part-defrosted! For the particularly sweet-toothed, the Salted Caramel Roulade has to be a first choice. To snazz it up, try serving with baked ginger apple slices or simply with ginger, coffee or chocolate ice cream.
But for a real party, why not try a selection with lemon, raspberry, salted caramel and even (whisper it!) chocolate. Gourmade has a roulade for everyone.
Let us know which Gourmade dessert(s) will be your Easter sweet – and happy holidays!