Whisk your beloved away on a picturesque picnic with verdant vistas and elegant eats.

by Sarah ▪ 11 May, 2021

Location, location, location

You don’t have to have a beautiful view for a romantic picnic, but it helps. Depending on where you live, there are plenty of options for venues with bags of charm to put you both in a starry-eyed mood. If three’s a crowd in romance, busy tourist spots may not be the best place. Also consider the weather and, particularly, the wind. If your chosen spot is on a hillside, think about the wind direction and shelter. If it’s been raining recently, choose somewhere that won’t be horribly boggy – a soggy bottom is an unappealing on a picnic as it is on cakes!

Popular choices for picnic spots include sheltered hillsides with glorious countryside views, the shade of a magnificent tree in a public park, or a picnic bench by the sea, a stream, canal or pond. For a really personal touch, why not choose somewhere with particularly fond memories for you and your sweetheart – somewhere you went on a first date or a special anniversary?

Setting the scene

For a truly dreamy picnic, you need to consider the set-up – no dusty, dog-eared blankets from the boot of your car allowed! A stylish picnic rug is the first necessity. An elegant hamper is a close second, and many of these come ready stocked with their own charming napkins, crockery and cutlery. If you’re going to be dining where at a table, bring a tablecloth instead.

Once the essentials are in place, there are still plenty of ways to add romantic flourishes. If your chosen location and mode of transport allows, why not bring posies of flowers and candles or fairy lights? Just remember to use wide- and flat-bottomed jars or glasses to hold the flowers, as you can never be sure of a flat surface on a picnic blanket!
Of course, none of this is necessary to create a feel-good moment with a partner. A simple blanket on a hillside with a view may be all you need.

Getting cosy

While they’re full of fun and adventure, picnics aren’t always the most comfortable of enterprises, which is bad news for would-be Romeos. So why not invest in some folding travel chairs which will stop aching joints from ruining the romance?

If there is likely to be wind chill, it’s an excellent opportunity to snuggle up close. But if that won’t be enough, take along a lightweight blanket as well. You don’t want your special moment to end too soon because of the great British weather!

The food of love

Finger food is at the heart of amorous eating. Creating finger sandwiches without crusts is a quick and easy way to bring the elegance of afternoon tea outdoors. Try smoked salmon and cream cheese, finely sliced cucumber or a delicate egg mayonnaise to emulate a classically chic tea party.
Alternatively, why not try something different, with Italian pressed picnic sandwiches? If none of these appeal, your love will probably be chuffed if you simply remember their old standby favourite filling – even if it’s as simple as cheese and chutney.
For nibbles, bowls of olives, nuts and berries bring colour to your spread. And don’t forget the drinks! The height of romance has to be a glass of pink prosecco, perhaps with a raspberry nestling at the bottom of the glass. Opt for elegant elderflower pressé or traditional lemonade for non-alcoholic beverages.

Sweets for your sweet

Dessert is definitely the key course for romance. Gourmade offers some wonderful desserts that are ideal for eating outdoors and sharing with your beloved. Try our gorgeous Raspberry Roulades or Raspberry Cheesecakes for a summery, flirty feel.

To really up the romance, why not use heart-shaped cookie cutters to make some truly fairy-tale snacks? This works brilliantly for the roulades (drizzle them with raspberry coulis and top with a raspberry for extra elegance), but also for shortbread biscuits or watermelon slices.

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