Our super side dishes make for easy Easter feasts.
by Sarah ▪ 30 Mar, 2021

A bit on the side

Even those of us without much time or inclination to cook slap-up meals on the regular often want to make a splash for big occasions. But it’s easy to end up so stressed by all the different components and courses of your banquet that enjoyment goes out the window.

Gourmade has a neat solution if you want to wow your nearest and dearest with your culinary creations this Easter. Simply select some of our fancy (and scrummy!) sides to accompany your lovingly home-cooked main. That way you complete the swanky effect without the stress of synchronising cooking times for each dish and scrabbling around the cupboards to find enough pans.
This Easter isn’t just about the eggs! Use this code at checkout for 10% off all Gourmade sides and desserts and enjoy your EASTERTREATS.


It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t love a good ol’ roast dinner with all the trimmings. Most people also have a particular soft spot for the way ‘Mum’ makes it – and for ‘Mum’, we mean whoever concocts the roasts in your family.
So why not concentrate on selecting your joint, cooking it to perfection and making sure the fridge is stocked with the right condiments, and let Gourmade provide the veggies?

You can’t go wrong with cauliflower cheese and honey roast parsnips for a roast that has a holiday vibe.

Pub favourites

For a slightly more informal lunch, why not go for a British pub classic? For steak, you don’t want to be sweating the side dishes when you’re already manning the stopwatch to ensure granddad gets his piece well-done, mum’s is ‘pink in the middle’ and yours is as rare and juicy as they come. Or maybe you’ll be kneading bread crumbs, egg and mince for home-made burgers, besides slicing onions, cheese and tomato for toppings. Either way, Gourmade’s sweet potato wedges and a simple green salad give the perfect finishing touch.

If you prefer the idea of fish – whether it’s battered cod and chips, a meaty tuna steak, salmon en croute or buttery pan-seared sea bass – posh peas are the perfect accompaniment. They look and taste as though a professional chef dropped by your kitchen, and will elevate any fish dish to the next level. Just don’t forget the tartare sauce!

Side dish supreme

For the ultimate in indulgence, with none of the (considerable) effort, Gourmade’s potato dauphinoise takes the crown. They would complement any of the dishes mentioned here and make them even more special.

Potato dauphinoise also go beautifully with any simply flavoured cut of meat if you fancy an alternative Easter feast with a touch of class. We recommend honey mustard chicken or garlic roasted pork chops.

Festivities from afar

Unfortunately, Easter 2021 won’t mean hosting the full-on family get togethers we’ve all be longing for. You may have relatives or friends who will be spending the holiday alone. Why not send them some cheer with a Gourmade hamper? We’ve created the Self Care Box with lonely loved ones in mind – knowing they’re in your thoughts (and don’t have to cook an Easter meal for one) could be just the festival feeling they need.

Easter stories

We’d love to hear about your Easter celebrations. Get in touch on Insta with your pics and tips. In the meantime, have happy holidays and fabulous feasting!