Beef Lasagne

Serves 1
Serves 2

This is where it all began.  My family’s favourite week night dish.  And a recipe as long as your arm, and a process long enough to render turning the whole ‘lasagne experience’ into an all-day pleasure!  I would double or triple the ingredients and set a day aside to make two or three for my freezer – such a nice feeling to have a freezer full of tasty ready-to-go delights… Who doesn’t love a lasagne? But making one from scratch can take hours when done properly. You don’t need to be slaving away in the kitchen – we’ve done it all for you. Our beef lasagne has been lovingly made with sheets of lasagne lavishly layered with our slow cooked British beef ragu and to top it off, a creamy mature cheddar cheese béchamel….enjoy!

High Protein Low Sugar No Nasties

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  1. Wow, I would be very happy if I got this in a restaurant!


  2. Very nice – slightly lacking texture in the mince but very tasty.


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