Butternut Squash Lasagne

Our butternut squash lasagne is legendary, and it’s got a lovely story behind it too. This is one of the favourite recipes I would make for my family, but it wasn’t quick to make! So, I starting batch cooking the lasagne in advance and freezing. Not long after,  friends and family were asking for some, then friends of friends and before you know it I had outgrown the kitchen keeping up with demand! And now you can get in on the action! Our popular vegetarian dish is loaded with layers of butternut squash, courgette, sweet potato, in a rich tomato ragu, then topped with a creamy spinach and mature cheddar béchamel…it’s a winner! Enjoy!

Vegetarian No Nasties

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  1. Absolutely delightful!

    A happy customer

  2. This was our first Gourmade meal, and it certainly won’t be our last We enjoyed every single mouthful. Brilliant!

    Pat Downs

  3. What a lovely twist on traditional lasagne! Really tasty yet feels so healthy too!

    Stephanie, Chipping Sodbury

  4. I love this even more than the classic lasagne! Gotta say it’s my favourite Gourmade dish!


  5. Receive this as gift. Absolutely love the taste, best lasagna I’ve taste and will be checking gourmade to make an order.

    Eilidh Davidson

  6. We thoroughly enjoyed this tasty lasagne.


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