Chicken, Ham & Leek Pie

Serves 1

My mother’s pie making day was always a happy one for me and my sister.  The dusty table, the scraps of pastry which tumbled from around the blue edged, white metal pie plate held high by one floury hand while the other yielding a kitchen knife rapidly flicked around the perimeter, and the drippy eggy mug of egg-wash were all we needed to drift into our own imaginary bakery. We would carefully knead the pastry into a ball of dough, tenderly rolling it to a smooth sheet.  Then out with the cheerful red pastry cutters, (I think there was a bird, a Christmas tree and a star, which we used all year regardless of the season), carefully lifting them to a baking tray before the egg-washing and generous dousing of granulated sugar!   (This way a sweet or savoury shortcrust could be utilized to make crumbly sweet biscuits, usually devoured before they reached room temperature).  We still love pie making day and we really love this very good chicken pie, with sweet leeks, Wiltshire ham hock and a rich creamy sauce.… enjoy!

High Protein Low Sugar No Nasties

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  1. Very tasty – however you’ll have to excuse the slightly “split” look it has.


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