Chicken Korma

Serves 1

The complex flavours of curries are usually governed by just three things; generous spicing; (and we make no apology for the extensive list of them on the back of our curry packs) onion, ginger and garlic done just right; and something to give it body.  Sound simple?  (a bit like how the novice piano player experiences it when realising you only need to learn four chords – E, B C# minor and A – to play almost all your favourite pop songs.)  We marinate fresh British chicken in yoghurt (the body) and spices (loads of them), then add it to our base of perfectly sautéed onion, garlic and ginger, adding some ground almonds (more body) for a mild and creamy curry which is always a winner… enjoy!

High Protein Low Sugar Gluten Free No Nasties

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  1. Absolutely amazing. In fairness I paid 50p for mine short dated. But the taste was so good I immediately went back and bought the rest of them. The spice was just right and in less than ten minutes I was enjoying a full meal when I chucked in some rice to go with it


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