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Lamb Moussaka

£4.50 Serves 1
£7.50 Serves 2

As everyone who has grown some vegetables at home would know, the enthusiasm put into planting out the entire packet of aubergine or courgette seeds starts to backfire about 10 weeks later! Gluts of these lend themselves to a delicious Moussaka.  Moussaka is traditionally prepared in every household in Greece on special occasions and big family meals. It’s a special dish for so many reasons but the key to getting it right is all in the preparation. Each slice of aubergine must be salted, left to sit, and dried well with paper towels.  Then fried or grilled until lightly golden on each side.  Making a perfect lamb ragu calls for careful stirring and seasoning, then a smooth bĂ©chamel sauce, before arranging alternate layers in your dish, not forgetting the potato! If you don’t fancy doing all that, why not treat yourself to one of ours instead. We’ve infused our lamb ragu with mint, layered with aubergine, sliced potatoes and finished with a creamy cheddar cheese bĂ©chamel to give you a juicy, creamy moussaka which is sure to become a new family favourite….enjoy!

Gluten Free High Protein No Nasties Low Sugar

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    This was excellent, thoroughly enjoyed it

    Hayley Netherton

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