Lamb Tagine

Serves 1

Let your taste buds travel to North Africa – home of the Tagine. I once bought my mother-in-law a bright red tagine – one conical-shaped, magical, Moroccan cooking pot.  She cooked up some delicious dishes with a marvellous blend of sweet and savoury flavours.   Try our melt-in-the-mouth lamb which has been slow cooked to perfection. We’ve cooked it up with dates, apricots, honey Madeira wine and aromatic Moroccan spices to create the perfect Lamb Tagine. You can’t say no to this one….enjoy!

High Protein Gluten Free No Nasties

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  1. Really tasty!


  2. Lamb Tagine is 5 star some of the others 4star

    Sidney Burrell

  3. Loved it, will definitely order again

    Patricia Banks

  4. Full of flavour and perfect for warming up after coming home from work. Love the tenderness of the lamb paired with the soft bite of the chickpeas.


  5. Lamb was succulent and the the flavours were incredible. Would recommend to anyone looking for the perfect winter-warmer comfort food.


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