Posh Peas

Who doesn’t love the humble yet ever versatile British pea?  There are regular peas, but then there are ‘posh peas’ and the two can’t ever be compared.  The princess wouldn’t waste ours under her mattress!  We’ve taken this popular side to a whole new level. Our Posh Peas are covered in a light sauce of crème fraiche and garden mint, then loaded with crisp, streaky bacon. We won’t judge you if you pass these off as homemade at a dinner party, your guests will definitely be returning for more….enjoy!

High ProteinLow SugarGluten FreeNo Nasties

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  1. Lovely – had these with peppercorn steak during holiday stay in wales and now looking to find them local!

    Colin Moss

  2. Delicious!


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